My favorites

Put m favorite outfits on the girls and took them to my favorite picture spot. Enjoy!


this is an indoor Tepee for your little darlins to play in. About 6ft tall and about a 5ft radius of floor space. Ribbon ties to close the front.
Custom orders, I don't have a lot of these sitting around the house. I didn't even have a spot big enough to set it up to get a good picture of it!


Asian Dolls

If you've ever looked for them, you know they are hard to find. Asian dolls. So I decided to make them. coming soon, Asian boy, and Asian baby doll. Each doll will have a different look and personality.


Available Swatches

Here are a few samples of currently available swatches. You can see more by clicking here.


Easter Set

Pink Halter and matching bottoms w/ frogs on the bottoms and the trim. This one is a 2T.

Halter Set w/ Lace Overlay

This set is so feminine. a top and bottom halter set with vintage lace on the front of the top and around the bottom of the legs. I love this!