Independence Day

Just imagine any of these outfits made in 4th of July fabrics for your Little Darlin to march in the parade in!

Layered Tulle Skirt NEW

Layered Tulle skirt has 3 layers so it's nice and full and poofy! :-) Length and fabrics are customized.

I need the child's waist size and the desired length of the skirt.


Layered Tulle skirt

This is another layered tulle skirt that is tied up on the side so the tulle is exposed. This one is in a Disney Princess print- a favorite around our house!

Double Layer Dess Top

Double Layer Dress top. Halter tie back that laces at the back. This one has embroidered trim around the bottom.


OU and OSU

get any of these outfits in OU our OSU prints! These fabrics are hard to find and cost about twice as much as I usually pay for fabrics so they will cost a little more and is also based on availability. Just ask!

Tie back halter with straps

This is a variation on the Ribbon top. I actually don't like lacing up the ribbon top, but it has such an elegant look. I came up with this variation that has straps and a tie back. I think it turned out really cute.