Tutu overall giveaway

Ok this Giveaway is a little different. You'll have to work for it, it's a naming contest. My most recent fun project is a tutu with a bib overall top. My girls have been wearing theirs for 3 days straight! I need a better name than tutu overalls. Leave a comment with a name suggestion. I'll pick the name that I like the best and make you a custom one for your little princess. I love getting Valentines photos of my girls in tutus. Contest ends next Monday, Feb 2. That's also groundhogs day and MY birthday! If you want to order one I can custom make one for you for $30

Giving credit where it's due, I had this fabulous picture done at: http://janiasphotoenhancements.com


KR said...

Can I leave more than 1 suggestion??

The Cowboy Ballerina??

Peak said...

Thanks MJ, yes. Leave more than one suggestion if you have a few ideas!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm- because overalls are known as a little bit "country" and tutu's are just fabulous-- how about

-Country Couture Tutu's ??